Fun Facts and Secret Places


The Nook

Many people will walk by this nook and assume it's an old milk cupboard. In reality, it has always been located on an interior wall and is most likely a secret compartment that was used to move alcohol from the hidden prohibition room underneath the home into the house itself! 


Behind the Mirror

Hidden in plain site! Swing the modern mirror open in the 2nd floor bathroom to reveal the original wallpaper. During the restoration there was a decision to keep both the original hand painted wallpaper as well as the secondary and also very old reverse hand painted tile. Another fantastic illustration of maintaining the originality of the home while bringing it forward into the 21 century! 


The Bathroom Bell

"You Rang, asks the Servant" Only the wealthiest would have a bell in the bathroom. Why? To ring for service and to request servants to draw warm water for the bath!


The Belvedere

The Belvedere, a rectangular 4 windowed glass structure perched on the very precipice of the home, this one has a classic stamped tin ceiling. Most likely it was used as a lookout to view naval ships that were entering Penetanguishene Bay. 


The Billiard Room

An uncovering of the past leads to inspiration for the wallpaper in the Billiard Room. If you look closely, near the fireplace in the Billiard Room, you will notice a small swatch of the original wallpaper. This paper was left untouched and gave inspiration for the colour and choice of the wallpaper that you see today. It's perfect, stunningly beautiful and masculine, Hear me roar! 


The Original Wallpaper in Nursery

Here is another example of how to perfectly preserve the past while bringing the home into the future. This small sample of Wallpaper in the nursery has been left on it's own. A perfect illustration of how the nursery was decorated in the past. 


The Servants Staircase

This home has two staircases, The Grand Front Hall zipper staircase and the servants stairs. With 2 staircases, your kids could play hide and seek for hrs and you would never see them! 


Do you see it? It's not just another Brick Wall...

If you don't, "Them's the Breaks! Looks like you need an appointment to determine what's carved into the Brick!


Another Hole cut in the Floor!

Find the closet that holds this hidden cut out and it may give you a clue to the Mayor's past! 


Is this the secret door to the Prohibition Room?

No, but it does have a historical past and it is a great story! I guess you will have to ask when you see it for yourself!