As you enter 33 Robert St West, take some time to enjoy the plaque and photos in the front hall of the home. It reads as follows: 

"On this site in 1834, Andrew Mitchel, a fur Trader, son of Surgeon General of the Indian Department who was posted to the Military, Garrison here in Penetanguishene built what was described in pioneer papers as a "mansion of large timbers and framework". This building was purchased by Wenceslaus Blanchard, a builder  from Lafontaine in 1900. He rebuilt the house as it is at present, in brick and stone. The house is named after J.T. Payette, a colourful businessman, mayor, mill owner, land speculator, foundry owner and racetrack owner who lived here from 1918 - 1939.

Picture (to the right) is from Huronia Park, located on the Waterfront in Penetanguishene.

Fun Fact: During a recent restoration, the current owners found a secret basement bunker. A separate storage underground bunker complete with a hidden floor hatch and stairs. A nook disguised as a milk hatch might of allowed items of mystery to be moved  from the cellar to the secret bunker.