Restoration Timelines

This home has been lovingly restored. It took 5 years and nothing was overlooked. The home owners used Master Craftsman throughout the restoration process, only the highest quality trades have worked on this home, I think you will see the difference. 


The home has 400 amp service and a full rewiring was completed by Georgian Electrical. Meters to Match the R2 Zoning.  ESA Certificate available upon Request.


All lighting was removed during the restoration. It was entirely rewired to today's standards and rehung by master electricians. All of the Lighting is LED in classic Fixtures!  When touring the home, alway's take a look at the lighting!  It is different in every room, sometimes bold, sometimes subtle but always on point for the room that it is in. 

Heating & Air Conditioning

The owners took time to live in the home prior to reworking the entire heating and ventilation system. Cold areas were addressed by incorporating various heating systems throughout the home. For instance: 


- The majority of the home is still heated using a hot water rad system. This tried and true system has been upgraded by incorporating 2 state of the art boilers. 

 - Main Floor "Mens Grooming" Bathroom is heated using underfloor heating. 

- 2 Additional heaters have been incorporated into the basement. The basement is now considered one of the most comfortable places in the entire home. 

- 2 Power fans were installed in the children's play attic to remove warm air from the house during summer months.. 

- 4 Fireplaces were upgraded, 2 to Gas, 1 Electric, 1 High Efficiency Wood burning

Air Conditioning:

- There is no Air Conditioning in the home. It doesn't need it!

- The thick stone walls hold heat in the winter and provide coolness in the summer.  The wrap around porches shade windows in the summer, thus eliminating  direct sunlight from entering the main level of the home.  


Where required in the home, the Plumbing was upgraded by J. Plumbing Ltd.  

Stone Repointing

The entire home has been repointed by a master tradesman, if you look in the basement over the couch, you will see one small area where repointing did not occur. This was left intentionally to show the amount of repointing work that has occured. 



Many Floors have been restored. They are as follows: 

- Hardwood refinishing on majority of the existing Hardwood floors

- New Heated Tile floor - Mens Grooming Room 

- Undermount Heating - Cognac Room / Mayor's Office

- New Tile - Servants Entrance/Pantry

- New Tile - Front Foyer

- New Tile - All 3 Bathroom Floors 

Stain Glass

Stain Glass runs throughout the house. In the Serving Room, Foyer and Ladies Parlour, you will see large panes of stained glass. Interestingly, this glass changes colour as light hits it, turning it from bright pink during the day, to purple and then to jet black in the evening. If you look on the details page, you can see 2 images of the glass. 1 Pink, 1 Purple. 


Most of the doors are original to the home, there are a few exceptions were exact replicas have been recreated to match originals that had been missing.

Security System

A security system has been integrated into the home. The Security system monitors fire, water and theft. A second manual system for fire has also been set-up for increased precaution. Feel comfortable when you are not there knowing your home is protected. 

Protection from Water Damage/Sewage Damage

A Sump Pump has been installed in the house for added protection. A Backflow valve has also been installed to provide added piece of mind. 


All porch floor boards have been replaced by John Hunter of Hunters Hardware Flooring. All porch railings have been repaired or replaced to match the originals. Newel posts have been constructed from Cedar, all Columns have been removed and repaired. Internal steel jack posts have been integrated where needed to form the  structural component of the column.  The railing on the deck of the Indigo Sun Room has been replaced and matches the railings below but has been lengthened to meet current building code and to provide for safety. 



There are 4 fireplaces in this home. 2 Have been converted to Gas (Billiard Room and Ladies Parlour), 1 is Electric (Serving Room) and one is High Efficiency Wood Burning (The Basement Lair) 


The foundation is original to the home. In many cases, it is 3 ft thick granite that tapers as it reaches the 2nd floor. You can see evidence of this by looking in the basement, underneath the front porch and the front porch columns that support the house. All of the original exterior and all of the original interior has been repointed by Hobson Masonry Limited


Plasterwork has been completed on a as needed basis. 



Roof has been replaced where needed. 

- Overtop of Wrap around Porch/Veranda

- Over the Cognac Room

- Overtop of the Windows of the Children's Loft near the Belvedere on the home. 

- The Juliette Balcony of the Indigo Room


Trim and Millwork were restored throughout the home by Marcel ville


Majority of the Windows have been replaced according to the Penetanguishene historical society standards.


All vegetation on the property has been kept and replanted as landscaping was upgraded. The Lower Lawn Victorian Black Rail on the streetside of the home was replaced. 


Where walls were removed and exterior walls were exposed, insulation was added on a needed basis.