Magnificent Rooms


Make a Grand Entrance

Welcome to your new home! Step inside your front door and peer up the 3 storey zippered formal staircase! Look way up and you will see the Belvedere located on the top of the home. When you are on the 3rd floor, always take a minute to look down. It's breathtaking!


The Cognac Room

The Cognac Room was once the mayor's office. The main front stone staircase guides you from the side street to the front porch which faces the Bay. Visitors have the opportunity to take in the wonderful vista's prior to entering the office door. Today, this room is used for a different kind of business, It is used as a quiet place to enjoy an after dinner aperitif! Sit down, relax and take in the views of the bay! 


The Prohibition Bunker?

This is a stock picture of what this room probably looked like during prohibition. We will let you decide what it will look like in the future. Some secrets are left better unshared! 


The Summer Porch

The wrap around Porch will fit a couple hundred of your closest friends! Enjoy the views of the bay and feel free to sit in the rain. It's all good! 

Fun Fact: The floorboards of the porch were replaced during the restoration with reclaimed century wood from the floorboards of the Woodstock train station. It is rumored that Billie the Kid stood on this very same floor! 


The Library & Music Room

The library is located on the second floor. It's a perfect place to read a book or to listen to your favorite album. I love the custom cabinetry and Olive Moss Green paint!


The Kitchen

The large kitchen has been completely upgraded to cater to today's modern lifestyle.  It has the best of everything including custom cabinetry and is the jumping off point when hosting large groups of friends and family.  


The "Circus" Bedroom Hallway

Why do we call it the Circus Hallway? Because of the vintage photos on the wall and the fact that it's going to be a circus trying to put your kids to bed in this grand home. 

Fun Fact: During restoration, the false ceiling was removed to showcase the original loft access as well as the beautiful transom window located over the door. 


The Billiard Room

A home of this size is built for fun, relaxation and entertaining. Why not have a Billiard room as one of the main focal areas of the home?


The Children's Playroom

Keep out! Kids only! The 3rd storey loft is currently reserved for kids! An amazing place to watch the pirates come to shore! 


The Indigo Sunroom

This sunroom is striking and personally one of my most favorite rooms in the home. If you like Yoga or soaking in the sun during the winter, this is the room for you. The original etched window pattern has been perfectly restored to provide extra light. This room is rich, bright and airy! Check out the classic square pattern in the hardwood floor, there are 2 other floors like this in the house. Try to find them...

Fun Fact: The floor feels slightly slanted but don't worry,  the room was intentionally crafted this way as the room presides over the rear main door (Street Side) and was slanted to ensure proper drainage. Take a look at the woodwork and customization and you will see the detail that went into this room when it was originally crafted. 


The Serving Room

Situated alongside the kitchen, the serving room acts as the informal dining table when having a family dinner. When hosting a large crowd, just sit your appetizers on the island and enjoy. 

Fun Fact: The serving room cabinets are lit up and showcase some of the interesting items found during the course of the 5 year restoration! 


The Ladies Parlour

The Ladies Parlour is a special room reserved for the women in the household! This seperate room is delicate and beautiful. Just take a sneak peak at the hand painted original tile on the fireplace and you will understand why this room is so special.


The Underground Lair

This underground lair is fit for a King! Complete with TV, Bar, Gym and a whole bunch of wickedly cool stuff! 


The Mens Grooming Room

Ok, It's just a washroom but a very nice one with heated floors and a custom shower. Check out how the floor of this washroom is beveled into the shower drain.  A very nice modern touch in a very cool room. 


A Classic Bedroom

Here is a classic Bedroom, this one has it's own ensuite. There are a total of 4 Bedrooms in the home. Each very different from the other. 

Take a closer look, the oak baseboards are 2 1/2 inches thick and 16 inches tall. A detail that runs in many of the rooms throughout the home.  Absolutely beautiful!